Reclaim Your Space & Life!

Hi! I'm Louise and have been a professional organizer for over 5yrs. I am a true believer that you need to clear the clutter from your life and home so you can allow for abundance, creativity and spaciousness in your life.

I am ready to reclaim my space!

Are you tired of...

- Always feeling overwhelmed? Like there's too much "stuff" in your head and your home? That you know you want to have less clutter but where and how do you even begin? 


- You are working or running your business, and you are being reactive instead of proactive so you feel the stress and overwhelm build up....can you relate?


- There are those days that you feel stuck in survival mode so you tend to shut down and just let the chaos grow.

Hi! I'm Louise

I am excited to share with you my knowledge and desire to see you create a clutter-free home so you can have new found energy and motivation.

It has taken me a while to admit that I am not a naturally organized person, but here's the amazing thing about that, I know how to learn to get organized and create more time so I can pass this onto you.

My belief is that having less stuff in your home is the necessary foundation of having a clutter-free home and life.  

By releasing the clutter you will create more energy and time so you can do more of what you love!


Connect with your desire to create an organized life.

Getting really clear on why you want a more organized life is super important and will be the motivation for you to keep going.
I want you to stop leading the life you think you should be doing and be true to your heart and the real you.
I am here to help guide you and keep you accountable so you can achieve the life you desire.
👉 Get super clear on what an organized life looks like for YOU
👉 Accountability to keep you motivated
👉 Create strategies to get you clutter-free and organized
👉 Get way more productive and achieve your daily/weekly/monthly tasks 
This is where I become your biggest cheerleader 💃 I will be your biggest advocate.                                                                                              

Introducing Your Life - Real & Organized Program

In this program you will:

  • Remove excess "stuff" in doable chunks
  • You will create more time so you can do more of what you love
  • You will have a place for everything and everything in its place
  • Create habits and routines that work for you to keep the clutter away and stay organized.
Freedom to do what you love, save time and money check, check and check and CHECK!

Don't let the 3 P's stop you...


Procrastination - not making a start

Perfectionism - there is never the perfect plan

Productivity - big or small projects are worth starting


Your Life - Real and Organized  

Join today for $797 (Payment plan available)

In this 8 week program, you will: 

👉 8 x 45min weekly private calls you will learn how to declutter and organize to your strengths.

👉 You will complete a 10min module from the Reclaim Your Space Course for 5 weeks

👉 Each week you will have clear action items to complete

👉 Learn what your blocks are when it comes to organizing 

👉 Help you identify what is and isn't clutter to enable you to let the clutter go

👉 We create a schedule that will maximize your time and get you organized

👉 We take the chaos out of your life and break it down to changing habits and routines each week

👉 Exclusive Facebook group where we will have regular workshops and challenges

.....And Get Over $3,000K Worth Of Gifts Guaranteed And Proven To Help You Create A Clutter-Free Home!

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Gift #1 Reclaim Your Space Course

(Value $497)

This 5 Module course will really help you get clear on your reason that you collect and hold onto clutter.
Click Here to Grab your Spot for just $797 OR 3 X $297

Gift #2: Exclusive Facebook Group

(Value $997)

In this exclusive group you will be part of a community who are supportive and love to share ideas. We will host workshops and challenges where you can gain even more valuable information to help you create a clutter-free home.
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Gift #3: Ultimate Time Saving Bundle

(Value $197)

These checklists will help keep track of your pantry inventory, grocery shopping list so you can save time by knowing exactly what you need and money so you don't buy duplicates.
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If not now, then when?  

NOW is the time to release yourself from the hold that clutter has on you.


Today only - $797

Payment plan available 3 x $297


  • 8 x 45min weekly private coaching calls
  • Instant access to my Clutter-Free Home Method  
  • Instant access to Reclaim Your Space Online Program
  • Exclusive Facebook group (1yr access)
  • Monthly Group Q&A calls (1yr access)
  • Ultimate Time and Money Saving Bundle templates
Click Here to Grab Your Spot for just $797


I took Louise's course and thought she was speaking directly to me - she totally got me! I jumped into her coaching program and it has been life changing! I had been living a life full of what I thought I should be doing which meant buying more stuff and at the end I am now really living true to me!


I had been struggling for sometime with my childhood collections, love of books and realized that it was weighing me down. Working with Louise has lifted that weight and I am now able to let go of "stuff" but beyond that I now have the skills to determine what I want to bring into my home AND I now understand how to organize to my strengths! But the best part is that my daughter is loving the new space and being involved in the process.

So - That's It!


Lets' quickly recap everything you're getting...

Gift #1: Reclaim Your Space online course (Value $497). This course will really help you to discover just what is keeping you stuck in the clutter cycle.

Gift #2 Exclusive Facebook Group (Value $997) where we will have workshops and challenges to really support you and give guidance.

Gift #3 Ultimate time-saving bundle (Value $197) Get these templates that you can use over and over again to keep an inventory of your pantry and grocery list.

Click Here to Grab your Spot for just $797

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