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Let us create a home that you will love again... you can spend more time doing what lights you up!

Yes! I am ready to ❤️ my home again


What if you were able to keep what you love, let go of clutter & create spacious flow in your home?


You wouldn't have to:


x Spend hours looking for misplaced items

Waste money on buying duplicate or expired items

Feel anxious, stressed or resentful because you have too much stuff

Frustrated at yourself for not being able to keep things in order

Hi! I'm Louise

I am excited to share with you my knowledge and desire to see you create a clutter-free home so you can have new found energy and motivation.

It has taken me a while to admit that I am not a naturally organized person, but here's the amazing thing about that, I can now pass on the strategies and tools that I use to get organized and create more time.

My belief is that having less stuff in your home is the necessary foundation of having a clutter-free home and life.  

By releasing the clutter you will create more spaciousness in your home and life so you can start or finish those desires you have.

❤️I am ready to love my home again ❤️


Reclaim Your Space Program

Keep what you love, let go of clutter and create spacious flow in your home.

 When you join you will:

✔️ Find things easily so that your not scrambling around at the last minute
✔️ Tidy your home quickly so you spend more time doing what you love
✔️Have systems in place that take away the overwhelm of not knowing where to start
✔️ Have a place for everything so that you only have what you love in your home
✔️ Change your mindset so that you are not afraid to let go of stuff for fear you might need it again someday!


 Freedom to do what you love, save time and money check, check and check!

Reclaim Your Space is unlike any other declutter program.

It helps you to have less clutter, find your values and regain your energy!

Create More Time!

Who doesn't want more time! We can do this once we have less clutter in our homes and lives. 

Save Money

An average home spends approx $7k a year on stuff that they don't need. Imagine what you could do with that!!


When you have less clutter you make better health choices and you create more energy!


Increase Creativity

With less "stuff" in our heads and in our homes, we are allowing space for creativity to flow.


Yes! I am ready to ❤️my home again!


I would recommend this course to anyone looking for some inspiration to get started on the decluttering journey. The course is simple and easy to follow and Louise is a great mentor and coach to keep you motivated.

Reclaim Your Space Program Includes:


    💥 3 Step Clutter-free Home Method

    💥 Easy to follow actionable steps that can be implemented in your busy schedule

    💥You will gain clarity and understanding on WHY you collect clutter to break the clutter cycle

    💥Support and guidance 

Exclusive Facebook Group

Be part of an amazing community of women where you are safe to ask questions and share ideas. 

Each month we will focus on 1 area of your home with and I offer

live Q&A's

mini challenges

product suggestions

This will be your go to place when you are feel frustrated or overwhelmed with your clutter


Bonus #1 - Value $587


Join Now and Receive This Powerful Bonus:




 We get to have fun while decluttering and organizing!

This is a hugely popular monthly event. We meet once a month via zoom, focus on one area to declutter and get it done!

I am there to offer:




product suggestions (only when needed 😉)

There is music playing, spot prizes AND some laughs!

I know that decluttering is not the most fun thing to do BUT these Refresh Your Space Parties don't feel like work!

❤️I am ready to love my home again ❤️

Bonus #2 - Value $197 


Join Now and Receive This Powerful Bonus:

Low Carb Batch Cooking Training


This bonus makes meal planning a breeze!

STOP  "What's for dinner" decision fatigue

Create quick, healthy and simple meal plans each week so it doesn't feel like a chore!

Free up your time and headspace for everything outside the kitchen!

Naturally Joyous - Juliana is a Mind-Body Weight Release Expert, with over 11 years of experience in the Nutrition field. 

❤️I am ready to love my home again ❤️

Bonus #3 - Value $197


Join Now and Receive This Powerful Bonus:



These powerful meditations will help set your mind for dealing with the difficult task of decluttering.

These meditations are created specifically for helping you navigate through the emotions, stress and overwhelm we feel when making so many decisions with our stuff.

❤️I am ready to love my home again ❤️


Working with Louise in the reclaim your space was amazing. She has so much great knowledge and bits of awesome information that helped me break through some blocks I had. She helped remind me of goals I had placed to keep working at them. Her program was broken into manageable segments and a very reasonable time to get things done and achieved!



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$297 for only $197

All the amazing value you will get: 

  • Instant access to Reclaim Your Space Online Program with the Clutter-free Home Method
  • Exclusive Facebook Group for support, workshops and challenges

  • FREE additions/Updates
  • 24/7 Unlimited LIFETTIME Access to the program
  • *BONUS 1* Monthly Refresh Your Space Virtual Party 🎉

  • **BONUS 2** - Low Carb Batch Cooking Guide

  • ***BONUS 3*** - Meditation Bundle

    Total Value Over $1,500!



3 x $87

Payment plan available 


Lets' quickly recap everything you're getting...


💥 Reclaim Your Space Program

💥 Exclusive Facebook Group

FREE additions/Updates

24/7 Unlimited LIFETTIME Access to the program



💥 Refresh Your Space Party - 6 months

💥 Low Carb Batch Cooking Training

💥 Meditation Bundle 

Frequently Asked Questions:

❤️I am ready to love my home again ❤️